Reach For The Stars!

RFTS binoculars

CTK Kids Learning Center is partnering with Usborne Books & More to provide an exciting reading incentive program called Reach For The Stars! The goal is to motivate our children to read, keep them reading, and then reward them with some really engaging books!

Here’s how it works:
(1) Children collect pledges from friends, neighbors, and relatives supporting their reading activity
(2) Participants read (or are read to) 300 minutes over a two week period of time. This is an average of 30 minutes per weekday as recommended by educational experts.
(3) Children are rewarded with developing a reading routine, they will get a reading certificate, prizes, and get to choose FREE books to take home based on the number of pledges they’ve collected!* Check out the almost 2000 titles to choose from here!
(4) CTK Kids Learning Center will earn FREE books for the classrooms and funds to help pay for awesome field trips for summer camp!*

Please help your child in this program by reading to your child and helping them collect their pledges! We’ll kick-off the two weeks of reading on Monday, June 20th and all forms and pledges must be turned in by Tuesday, July 5th.

(*50% of pledges will be returned in the form of books to participants. 25% of pledges will be returned in books for the classroom. 25% of pledges will be returned in cash to the learning center.)


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